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Beauty from Ashes

I grew up in a Christian home, a privileged home, where my parents were present at all times and where I was lucky enough to be exposed to a healthy example of a marriage and pretty good family dynamics. I was provided for and given everything of the best. It wasn’t until the year 2016, where I began to truly start walking my personalised journey with God. It was the year I turned 20 and in the midst of a pretty toxic relationship, it was the year where I learned the true value of sitting down with God, everyday, meditating on a daily reading or a simple piece of writing, journaling and praying from the deepest corners of my heart. It was after my mother bought me, what I didn’t realise at the time, the most life-changing daily devotional book by Sarah Young called ‘Jesus Calling’. And boy, was God calling me. Calling me to a life that wasn’t easier, but that was more magnificent and fulfilling than I had ever imagined.

This is why I have chosen to pick out a bible verse, an inspirational quote or any piece of writing for myself and my readers every month. Being a follower of God, I know the value of meditating on words that really speak to what you are going through or a simple reminder to just keep going, you are doing the best you can and that you are loved for who you are, no matter what you’ve got going on.

This month I have chosen a bible verse, Isaiah 61:3, which simply states “Beauty from Ashes”. This is actually the verse written on the front page of my journal this year. I chose this verse because I thought it complimented our theme for the year, ‘Renewal’, quite well. What I hope my readers can take from this verse is that no matter your circumstances, overflowing from last year or fresh from this new year, remember that God is God. He never changes and He never leaves your side. He can turn anything into good. He can restore and renew anything that seems broken, dry or even dead. He can bring ‘Beauty from Ashes’.

Dear readers, please feel free to share with me a verse, a quote or anything that has been speaking to your heart recently. What piece of writing would you choose for yourself as a source of encouragement and positivity for this month?

All my love xx

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