Honesty Hour

When I decided to start a Wellness Series on the blog, I wanted to make sure that I was walking the walk and not just talking the talk. I wanted to make sure that I was prioritising my wellness and catering to my different dimensions, not only researching and writing about it. My goal was to see if I personally felt a difference by choosing to live a more balanced lifestyle.

Two lessons throughout this journey stood out to me and so I thought that it would be a good idea to take the opportunity to be honest with my readers.

  • Lesson 1: Looking after yourself and catering to your well-being isn’t easy – it usually takes a lot of self-awareness and majority of the time, the battle is between you and your own mind.
  • Lesson 2: When things don’t go your way, your plans are usually fulfilled differently, often better, with more valuable lessons to learn.

Lets break those two lessons down really quickly:
Along this Wellness journey, I had this great idea of prioritising all of my different wellness dimension needs. I wanted to breaking each week down for my readers. I thought it would be a good idea to document my journey and record all of the positives and negative moments. It would have been epic, if my plan actually worked out that way, but just like life, sometimes things don’t go our way and we have to adapt to it. Sometimes we can’t control the timing and events in our lives so we have to learn how to go with the flow instead. I think this is important to keep in mind when it comes to self-care and our wellness – the way we love ourselves and our ideas about living a balanced life will always be changing. They will change just like how we, ourselves, our needs and how we choose to fulfill our needs, will also change.

I essentially gave myself a ten week time frame to focus on a wellness based lifestyle. This is how my experience went:

  • Week 1 – took a lot of reminding myself of my new choices and choosing to stick to them
  • Week 2 – was full of energy and motivation
  • Week 3 – was an absolute nightmare. I felt more tired and my emotions were fluctuating
  • Week 4 – was better, I felt relaxed and happy with the changes I had made and continued to make
  • Week 5 – felt more stable, much like week 4
  • Week 6 to Week 10 – was honestly a blur. My schedule all of sudden filled with travelling and obligations outside of my home and normal life. I had places to go and people to spend time with. Honestly, life just happened and I had to roll with the punches, despite the plans I had made. Looking back now, I have noticed that self-care and the experience that comes from looking after ourselves, is truly a journey.

Life will always bring ups and downs, easy moments and difficult moments, but what matters the most, is how we handle it. I enjoyed the easy moments and how it made me feel these last couple of weeks, but had to be extra aware of my mood and emotions through the lows. I had to make sure I was more disciplined with my choices, choosing to pick out things during my day that brought me a bit more joy like focusing on things I felt grateful for as well as being mindful and being present as much as possible. I had to also be extra careful of the types of self-care I chose to focus on. Sometimes we don’t always feel like we have the energy to look after ourselves, but choosing to remain focused on what we need and choosing to do what is healthy for us instead of what we want, is always the best for us in the end, especially if it is done with love. Remaining focused and disciplined definitely comes down to mind over matter.

I feel as if many of us therefore think that when we begin to cater to all of our needs, while prioritising our wellness and self-care, will mean that we won’t experience the bad days. The truth is, those days will come and they will be challenging, but they won’t last forever and can always be managed. This realisation led to lesson 1. I guess I wanted to use this blog post as a chance to remind myself and my readers that when those low moments, days or even weeks show up that it’s okay! Life tends to get a little overwhelming, but those moments and those feelings don’t last forever. We, after all, are only human and what comes with being human are a lot of intense feelings and experiences. We are all just doing the best we can so if you’ve ever experienced this, just know that you’re not alone.

The changing of my plans, during my journey, also gave me space to step back and look at the concept of wellness through new eyes. I was given the opportunity to appreciate the chances I was given to cater to my needs. With travelling, I didn’t have access to my normal routine so I had to find other ways to stimulate my well-being. I had to start analysing and understanding how my wellness and my needs can be looked after during my holiday, especially while I was functioning in new environments as well as out of my comfort zone. It forced me to self-reflect and understand myself from new perspectives, which turned out to be a refreshing experience that led to the realisation of lesson 2.

Overall, I would say that looking after our well-being should be something that comes naturally to us, it should feel free-flowing, without any added pressure. It should be a way of life that is easy to change, that feels light and flexible. It can’t be limited to a ten week time frame. What helped me the most during my own journey was taking the time to look at each new day as a whole and figure out how much time I had outside of my responsibilities and then reflect on what I needed. This simple act pointed me in the direction of what wellness dimension I would be lucky enough to give attention to in that moment, day or week. Taking time for this kind of self-reflection works really well at the beginning and end of each week – I would say that it is a really great exercise that can enable us to check in with ourselves regularly. Having support or someone to talk to who is encouraging and understanding also helped me stay motivated and kind to myself through all the different stages and lessons of my journey.

I feel as if I need to end off this blog post by saying that the holiday season can be a very busy and overwhelming time for many, when it should be a time filled with joy and relaxation. Therefore, as a source of motivation, I wanted to share a few reminders with my readers:

  1. You are not alone and you don’t have to face anything alone either
  2. Talking to someone you trust will always help
  3. Seeing a counsellor is an indication of strength and bravery
  4. It’s okay to reach out for help when you feel that you need it
  5. You’re doing the best you can, even on the bad days
  6. It’s okay to try again tomorrow
  7. Feelings and emotions don’t last forever
  8. You are allowed to have healthy boundaries, especially when it comes to friends and family during the holiday season
  9. Always put yourself first and do what is best for you
  10. Your needs matter

Remember to always be kind to yourself, especially during the holiday season!

Thank you for reading xx

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