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I believe that journaling can be so beneficial in our day-to-day lives. It is something simple, that we can all do, to create opportunities for us to dedicate time to focus on ourselves – to explore our feelings, acknowledge our emotions, clarify our thoughts, pay attention to our needs and wants as well as take note of our daily experiences.

Journaling allows us the opportunity to motivate, support and encourage ourselves, where we are able to enjoy sacred moments on our own, maybe accompanied by a spectacular view and a warm cup of coffee.

Sitting alone with your journal can be such a helpful act when wanting to focus your mind on something positive and motivating. It allows you take some time to focus on your goals and what you would like to accomplish for the day, week and even month ahead. It simply gives you some much needed ‘me time’. I therefore think that a great habit to work towards is to put some personal time aside at the beginning and end of every week and/or month so that you can journal.

I’ve been writing about the theme and bible verse that I have chosen for myself and for the year ahead. In this blog post, I would like to continue talking about a few journaling ideas that have helped me to reflect on the different chapters of my life, while keeping my personal journey as meaningful as possible.

1. “What God has in store for me” – At the beginning of last year, I wrote about the reasons why I believe that it is good to write about “What God has in store for me” instead of New Year resolutions (If you are interested in reading about this, please read the blog post titled “2019).

I believe that this is a good exercise to start in your journal because whatever you anticipated to be fulfilled in your year ahead, but wasn’t, you are able to take note of and prioritise for the years to come. This exercise allows you to hold on to your desires and God’s promises in order to watch how God chooses to answer your prayers and work in your life, in the future. I believe that this journaling exercise is more encouraging than New Year resolutions as it gives yourself and God time to work in His own way and in His own time. I feel like it is more sustainable and it allows you to see why His timing is so perfect.

2. “2019 lessons” – I suggest journaling about the lessons you have learned from the previous year too. I like to title this page currently in my journal as “2019 lessons”. I think that it is so good to sit down and reflect on your previous year as a whole. It allows you to write down all of the important things that happened to you and everything you were able to learn. It allows you to transform your experiences into positive reminders and memories. This is a cool exercise because it gives you something to look back to, for inspiration. You might be struggling with a similar concern that you have already experienced and worked through, therefore providing you with some advice, direction and encouragement.

3. “2020 Bucket list” – Another journaling exercise I find helpful is to dedicate a page in your journal to your bucket list for the year. I like to currently title this as “My 2020 bucket list”. I suggest that you use this exercise as a complimentary journaling moment when thinking and writing about what God has in store for you for the year ahead. I believe that you can use this journaling space as a way to write down short, personal goals that you want to complete, start or even experience in your year. I suggest starting small and simple.

For example, my bucket list includes:

  • 1. Skate more
  • 2. Play piano again
  • 3. Read a new book I haven’t read before
  • 4. Talk about God more on my blog and on my social media accounts
  • 5. Hug more people

These small bucket list aspirations can help you work towards bigger hopes and dreams that you have written about in previous journaling exercises. Feel free to keep adding to your list as time goes on.

4. “Congratulations!” – I like to dedicate a space in my journal where I am able to acknowledge and celebrate all of the positive things I have done. It can be small steps I have taken to work towards my dreams, tasks I have successfully completed or goals I have accomplished – simple things that I can be proud of. I believe that this is a great exercise because it gets to celebrate you. It creates a positive space, that you get to continuously add to throughout your year – a place you can look back to and see how many positive things have happened. I hope that you can find this journaling exercise as positive and comforting as I have.

I have found these four journaling exercises to be very helpful for me!

I hope that they can encourage you to start your own journaling journey and that they get to continuously provide a special place, just for you.

Good luck xx

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