Love Anyway

Happy Valentines Day!

Last year, around this time, I dedicated the month of love to writing and talking about self-love. This year, while looking for some February motivation, I came across a pretty cool verse that made me feel inspired – “Love them anyway” (Luke 23:34)

I wanted to share this verse as a source of inspiration this month because I believe the message behind it is something worth remembering – choose to love all things, no matter what.

So here it goes. Love all people, the ones who spread joy and make you feel good, but especially the ones that don’t. Love your circumstances, even if they may seem scary and confusing or not what you pictured. Love your partner, through their mistakes and unmet expectations. Love the work that you get to do even though it may not be your dream job. Love that colleague that always seems to be testing your patience or the cashier who is rude. Love your children even though they may act disrespectful and ungrateful. Love yourself, specifically on your ‘bad’ days, where your confidence seems to fade and nothing seems to go your way. Love your imperfections and the moments where you feel as if you can’t get anything right. Love life’s challenges, for we get to learn and grow from them. Love the disappointments for unanswered prayers are blessings too. Love the stage of life that you currently find yourself in, for you can never get this time back and love all of the decisions that you’ve made, for they have all led you to where you are today.

What ever challenges we may face, I would just like to remind us to choose love.

I keep learning everyday, that love is a choice. A very powerful choice that we get to keep on making. So simply choose to love anyways, with a compassionate and kind heart. It is a privilege to be able to love like the Lord loves, unconditionally.

I hope that who ever is reading this, that not only your month, but your whole year overflows with love, for yourself, others and the Lord. What ever way you may be choosing to spend Valentines Day today, by yourself, with your partner, your family, your best friend, new friends or your furbabies, may it bring you joy and fill your heart with love.

All my love xx

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