24 things

24 Things

One of the biggest lessons I have learned this past year is how important gratitude is. I learned how important it is to stop and take note of all the things that you can be grateful for, in good times, but especially in bad times.

I feel like when we choose to stop and focus on all of our blessings, with a grateful heart, it can change our whole perspective and outlook on our situation, especially when everything around us may seem dark and heavy.

Gratitude brings the sunshine, peace and joy. It can lift our spirits and can even make us feel as if we have renewed strength. It’s a gift from the kingdom of God and how blessed are we that we can access that kind of power whenever we may need it?!

After all, 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18 says “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”.

Last year, around my birthday, I wrote about 23 lessons I had learned in my life so far. This year I want to write about 24 things I am grateful for.

These 24 things, big or small, is what I choose to focus on. You may use them as your own reminders or feel free to write out your own list of things that fill your heart and mind with gratitude.

  1. I am grateful for my body, the way it is able to move freely, jump, run, walk and swim
  2. I am grateful that I am healthy
  3. I am grateful for my identity, for I am unique
  4. I am grateful for my purpose and calling in life, for I get to fulfill a special role
  5. I am grateful for my senses, for they help me to experience life at a much deeper level
  6. I am grateful for my family, for they always have my back and I get to experience their unconditional love
  7. I am grateful for my friends, for their kind hearts and willingness to always listen
  8. I am grateful for my home, for I always have a roof over my head
  9. I am grateful for food that gets to fill my tummy
  10. I am grateful for clean water, for I know that not many people have access to it
  11. I am grateful for my education, the opportunity to learn and expand my mind
  12. I am grateful that I am a woman
  13. I am grateful for the beach, for it is my happy place
  14. I am grateful for my two rescue cats, for they bring me so much joy
  15. I am grateful for my job, for I know that I have a steady source of income
  16. I am grateful for bubble baths and music, for they help me to relax during stressful times
  17. I am grateful for good books, for they help my imagination to teleport to new places
  18. I am grateful for the mistakes I have made, they have taught me so many valuable lessons and have helped me to grow
  19. I am grateful for the sunshine and sunsets and the moon and the stars, for they remind me of how incredible nature can be
  20. I am grateful for the clothes I get to wear because it is a way I get to express myself as well as they keep my warm on cold days
  21. I am grateful for my blog, for I get to share my thoughts and experiences with others in hopes of helping or just simply being a source of inspiration and motivation
  22. I am grateful that I get to talk openly about and find freedom in my beliefs in my country
  23. I am grateful for the word of God that I get to read every day
  24. I am grateful for Jesus, for He saved my life

Well there you have it, 24 things that help me to have a grateful heart. There is so much we get to be grateful for!

What are 3 things you are grateful for today?

All my love xx

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